Plant Decommissioning
Reactorclean offers a full range of services for safely decommissioning factory and plant equipment, ranging from high pressure jet washing to cold cutting tanks and pipes.
Reactorclean can clean contaminants prior to demolition, including remediation work such as the replacement of contaminated soil.

Our staff are trained to decontaminate structures, equipment and storage areas, using specialist equipment such as breathing apparatus, robotic tank cleaning heads and high pressure water cleaning equipment.

Reactorclean is a stringent follower of safe working practices, and our staff are trained in the use of all equipment used on site.
During a fuel storage tank disassembly, fuel or oil may need to be removed. Reactorclean can arrange this via our Surplus Fuel Services section.
So whatever your requirements are, from full site decommissioning to minor site work, Reactorclean can help.
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